Sports Therapy

Woman with an injured leg

The benefits of sports therapy

Sports therapy is a medical field intended to treat sports injuries and prevent future damages to the body from physical activity. At McKay Chiropractic, we’re passionate about you and your athletic inclinations. Our services include:

  • Assessing athletic and fitness goals
  • Providing specialized nutrition and physical advice
  • Rehabilitating injuries
  • Preventing future injuries
  • Diagnosing, evaluating, and managing your body’s functions

You can still compete at the best of your abilities! Get the services you need to keep your body in top condition after an injury.

What you need to know about concussions

When it comes to sports injuries, concussions are among the most severe. With the possibility for current or lasting neurological damage, treating a concussion as soon as possible is essential.

Due to the high risk of brain damage from concussions, proper medical care is necessary. While a doctor should take a look to make sure nothing is wrong, a chiropractor can work with the nerves and the spine to ensure that you are recovering properly.

If you have had a concussion recently or in the past, call today to schedule an appointment. Treat your recurring symptoms and make sure you have healed properly with the chiropractic assistance you need.

Stay on the field playing the sport you love as much as possible with quality sports therapy services!


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